Keen is made with love & engineering.

Our team has the expertise, understanding and passion to build and deliver Keen awareness to you.



Aneela Idnani Kumar, Designer & “Trichster”

Aneela is the inspiration for HabitAware. She is a mobile app designer and has produced award-winning interactive advertising campaigns. Aneela has had trich for 20+ years and is excited to help others like her. 


Sameer Kumar, CEO

Sameer is data-driven, having worked in investment analysis, management consulting and corporate strategy. His favorite activities are cooking and playing legos with his son. Sameer is driven by the positive change he has seen in his wife, Aneela. 


Kirk Klobe, CTO (Lead Software & Firmware Engineer)

Kirk has been fascinated with computers since childhood. He was integral to the launch of several IT consulting startups. Kirk can’t resist a good technical challenge, especially when the solution changes people’s lives. 


Dr. John Pritchard, PhD, Lead Hardware Engineer

John is an inventor by nature and hopes to teach at a university one day. He has worked in fiber optics and advanced military tech. He once made an LED light suit for fun. John is passionate about making things that are meaningful for others. 


Ellen Crupi, Director of Sales & Awareness

Ellen is a record-holding sales professional, driven by meaningful work. A fellow "Trichster" of 30+ years, she is eager to help others find positive change with Keen. Ellen is passionate about healthy living, exercise and dark chocolate.  


Karla Lemmon, Director of Customer Success

Karla is an experienced entrepreneur with a heart. She has an extensive background in sales, marketing, and operations. Karla joined the team because she wants to work on solutions that have a positive, meaningful effect on peoples’ lives.