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Hi! I'm Aneela & I've been pulling the hair from my eyebrows & eyelashes for the past 20+ years. For most of those years, I had no idea why I couldn't stop and felt very alone. In shame, I hid under makeup and fake smiles from all my family and friends. Until one day, I finally shared my secret with my husband, Sameer, 3 years into my marriage. I didn't want to hide or lie anymore. Together, with two friends, John and Kirk, we set out to make a smart bracelet to help me become aware. It's helped me so much in just a few months, giving my hair time to regrow. We are convinced HabitAware has the power to help others as well.

Here's how our story unfolded:

Aneela used Keen to stop hair pulling

Sept 2015: Aneela pulls her eyebrows & eyelashes constantly without realizing.

Feb 2016: With HabitAware, Aneela stopped pulling & acheived full regrowth.