1. Why did you make this bracelet?

We made this out of a desire to solve co-founder Aneela’s problem with hair pulling. After seeing first-hand how helpful our first prototypes were to Aneela, and how dramatic her success was, we knew we could help others if we refined the solution. After much research, many conversations with doctors and consumers, and iterations of prototype after prototype, we are finally ready to bring Keen to the market.

2. What types of behaviors can Keen help me with?

Keen is designed to help you become aware of subconscious behaviors that are physical movements of the hands, repetitive and focused on the body. These include, but are not limited to: hair pulling (trichotillomania), nail biting (onychophagia), skin picking (dermatillomania / excoriation disorder) and thumb sucking.

Keen generally works best with behaviors related to hand motions near the head, face, and legs. We have also had some customers successfully use it for picking of the hands and arms, though a user may find greater false alarms with these areas of the body.  If you are unsure if Keen can be used for your behavior, just send us a note at hello@habitaware.com.

3. Who is Keen For? What ages?

Keen is for kids (ages 8+) and adults that are ready to change. You have to bring the willingness, Keen provides the awareness. With these two key ingredients you have the power to take control of your subconscious body-focused repetitive behavior. We encourage parents to talk with their kids to ensure they are ready for change before ordering.

4. Does Keen prevent me from doing my subconscious behavior?

No, Keen does not prevent the subconscious behavior from happening. It brings awareness to where your hands are, so that you can choose healthier alternatives. Once you have committed to changing your behavior, Keen can be a powerful tool that helps you succeed in the long-term.

5. What evidence do you have that this type of awareness bracelet works?

In addition to witnessing Aneela’s success, we have researched the power of awareness thoroughly. While Keen represents a new technology, the idea for this type of bracelet in academic research is not new.  Awareness underpins the current gold standard technique in behavior change, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and our bracelet enables and increases that awareness. Researchers at the University of Michigan have published a paper confirming awareness-enhancing devices work for behavior change. We are simply the first ones to make it a reality.  Finally, we have expert advisors, Dr. Carol Novak and Dr. Varsha Reddy, who, after treating hundreds of patients with related behaviors, deeply believe in our solution.

6. How does Keen work? How is it specific to me?

After you take Keen out of the box, you train it with our app one time by performing your specific behavior for 15 seconds. For example, for nail biting, you train Keen by actually biting your nails. If you typically play with a patch of hair before pulling, you train Keen by playing with the hair. Keen's sophisticated motion sensors record the repetitive way you do the behavior, and thereafter silently monitors your hand. Once recorded, Keen simply makes you aware with a gentle vibration when you do the behavior.

7. Will Keen shock me?

No, Keen brings you into awareness with a vibration every time you perform your specific behavior.  Expert psychologists confirm that there's a reason scientists stopped advocating for electric shock decades ago. The best way to change behavior sustainably and in a healthy way is through awareness and making a conscious choice.

8. Do I need two Keen smart bracelets?

Some people do certain behaviors with a dominant hand, and if you are one of them a single band will work fine.  If you use both your left and right hand to engage in the behavior you want to stop, then we recommend ordering a set of two Keen bands, one for each hand. This will help you retrain each hand away from the subconscious behavior. We offer multiple styles to ensure Keen blends in.

9. Can Keen learn multiple Areas? Can I retrain the bracelet for a different behavior after I’ve trained it?

Yes, Keen can learn up to 4 behaviors, and you can modify or delete these trained behaviors at any time. We highly recommend starting with training ONE behavior to get used to Keen & yourself, this is a journey to awareness, after all!

10. How do I train Keen? Do I need a smart device?

For initial training of the bracelet, you will need to download our free Keen app and access it on one of the following smart devices:

  • iPhone 5 or later running iOS 9.3 or later

  • iPod Touch 5th gen or later running iOS 9.3 or later

  • iPad 4 or later running iOS 9.3 or later

  • Most recent Android models (2014 or later) supporting Bluetooth 4.0 and running KitKat (4.4) or later. NOTE that this list may change as we continue our quality and compatibility testing, but we have confirmed the following devices are compatible:

    • Google Nexus 6P, Google Nexus 5X

    • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    • HTC One M8 and HTC One M7

    • Moto X - models 2014 or later

    • We are adding more devices as we continue testing. If your device is not listed, please email us to double-check.

After that, a constant Bluetooth connection is not required.  For example, a parent can help a child calibrate the Keen band with the parent’s smartphone, but the child does not need to keep the smartphone near her.  When Keen and the smartphone come back in range of each other, you will be able to sync data from the bracelet to the Keen app to access the insights from the app.

11. How accurate is it?  I bite my nails - is Keen going to vibrate every time I drink a glass of water? Can I snooze Keen?

While false positives are impossible to eliminate completely, we have been working to reduce them! We have a sophisticated motion capture algorithm and will continue to refine it based on our users’ feedback. In general, you may get some errant vibrations, but with most behaviors, it should not go off every time you raise your hand to your face to eat or drink.

There are settings to adjust for the preference of the user.  For instance you can select less reminders if you do the behavior in a specific way, or more if you want to be notified whenever the hand is in the danger area. Psychologists tell us that even unnecessary reminders for benign behavior help increase awareness of hand position, which is helpful for long-term behavior change. 

Another feature to reduce false alarms is snooze. You can use this feature to pause detection for up to 30 minutes. To set the amount of time to snooze, use the Keen app. To initiate snooze, simply hold Keen's button for 2 vibrations (~3 seconds). You will feel a long vibration that confirms Keen's gesture detection is snoozed. To bring Keen out of snooze, simply hold the button for another 2 vibrations (~ 3 seconds). You will again feel a long vibration. More information is available here.

12. Can Keen help me while I drive?

The acceleration in a vehicle might throw the gesture detection off slightly. For most, it should work fine, and the settings can help fine tune the detections. We can certainly tell you if your hand is raised near your head in a vehicle.

13. Can Keen help me while I sleep?

We have not tested Keen during sleep, and do not believe it will be helpful for most people in their sleep.  If you lie in the same position and do the behavior the same way, Keen will reliably give you vibration reminders.  If you change your sleeping position quite a bit, as many people do, Keen will not be able to reliably give you accurate vibration reminders.

14. What are my color options?

At this time, we offer the Sporty version in black and teal and the Stylish version with a brown leather band (genuine full grain leather.) We will look at adding additional colors in the future - please let us know what you'd like to see!

15. What sizes are available?

Sporty Keen is available in two sizes: S/M and M/L. Stylish is one size fits most. Please visit habitaware.com/sizing for detailed measurements.

16. How do I charge Keen? How long does the battery last?

We ship Keen with a standard micro-USB charging cable and it takes 2 hours to charge. Keen lasts a full day, so make charging Keen a habit!

17. Is Keen waterproof?

No, but Keen is splash proof. This means you shouldn’t shower or swim with it or submerge it in water in any way.

18. When will you ship? Where will you ship to?

Keen is now shipping!  An order placed today will go out within 3-5 business days. 

For international orders, keep in mind Customs, VAT and Duties may be assessed by your country and are the responsibility of the customer.

Keen ships globally, with the exception of Australia.  🇦🇺 If you live in Australia, please order from Ryify, our Australian partner, & get Keen fast! If your country/region is not listed please email us at hello@habitaware.com.

19. What if my shipping address changes?

Please open a support ticket if you need to update your contact information.

20. What is your return and refund policy?

We offer a 3-month (90-day) money back guarantee for purchases made from the HabitAware website and a 1-year (365-day) warranty against defects and malfunction. Please open a support ticket to initiate all returns/refunds.

21. Do I have to pay tax/VAT?

We will assess sales tax for Minnesota residents. Residents of countries outside the US may be assessed other taxes or import duties upon delivery, depending on the customs requirements of their home country.  These taxes are unknown until time of delivery and are the responsibility of the customer.